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Do I Need a Lawyer to Write My Will?

If you are thinking of writing a will, it is recommended that you appoint an attorney who is familiar with the will-writing process to assist you. To learn more about the benefits of retaining the services of an estate planning attorney, continue reading and contact our experienced Des Moines estate planning lawyer. Here are some questions you may have regarding your options moving forward:

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Do I need an attorney to write my will?

You do not need a lawyer to write your will. However, it is always best practice to hire one when you are thinking about writing a will of your own. There are accessible online will-writing kits at your disposal as well as YouTube videos and blogs that may provide advice on how to write a will on your own. However, unless you have an incredibly basic estate plan, you will likely face legal pitfalls for proceeding without an attorney. It is best to pay a small fee in comparison with the peace of mind of knowing everything will be settling according to your wishes upon your passing.

Even if you are a fantastic writer, writing a will on your own is complex. You must be extremely careful with the language that is used in a will. Even if your diction is clear to you, what you mean and what you write can be considered two different things when taken in a legal context. It is best to reach out to an experienced estate planning attorney for your family to benefit to the fullest from your will.

What else goes into an estate plan?

Estate planning also includes creating things such as powers of attorney, appointing executors, guardians, establishing trusts, and more. Estate planning is an extremely document-heavy and involved process. All of the documents you will find in an estate plan are sensitive, pressing issues. Creating a comprehensive estate plan can be daunting for many. Hiring an attorney to assist you with this process is recommended. Our experienced Des Moines estate planning lawyer is prepared to create a solid estate plan on your behalf. This may be the best investment you ever make.

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