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Keith Herting

Keith Herting


Keith Herting took a circuitous route to arrive in Iowa. Originally from Nebraska, he attended Middlesex University in London to attain his Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative and Media Writing. Following his graduation, he had worked in the Information Technology field in New York, NY, and San Antonio, TX before choosing a career helping people navigate the many hurdles created by the legal system. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and then chose Iowa as the place he wanted to build a practice and a family.

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More About Keith

While studying at the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Herting worked tirelessly with the Immigration Law Clinic and a regional immigration law firm. He represented clients from all over the world in matters regarding asylum, removal proceedings, and helping clients pursue family or employment-based immigration claims. Beyond his immigration experience, Mr. Herting also assisted clients in matters of custody disputes, family court orders, and criminal matters.

When Mr. Herting has a bit of free time it is usually spent watching football or hockey and will even read a book for pleasure from time to time.

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