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What Is the Role of the Prosecutor in My Case?

Your prosecutor has an important role to play in your criminal trial, and they have many avenues available to them as they try to build a case. There is a lot that they can legally do to build a case that encourages a jury to find you guilty. A Des Moines criminal defense lawyer can help you fight back against any accusations and stand up for your rights.

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What is the Goal of My Prosecutor?

Your prosecutor has a specific goal. They want to build a case and present the evidence in such a way that the jury finds you guilty of the crimes you are charged with. To do this, they must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that anyone reasonably looking at their version of events would have to believe that this is the way things happened.

This is a high burden of proof to meet, but there are many ways that prosecutors can attempt to get there.

What Can a Prosecutor Legally Do to Achieve Their Goal?

Your prosecutor has some options when they are trying to build a case against you. Actions they will commonly take include:

  • Asking for warrants that can be used to find more evidence
  • Finding legal ways to surveil suspects and other involved parties
  • Following up on investigations into crimes
  • Launching their own sting operations
  • Interviewing suspects, witnesses, or anyone else connected to a case

If they’re not sure if they will get a guilty verdict, they can also negotiate a plea bargain with a defendant. This usually drops higher charges or swaps out higher ones for lesser charges. If a defendant does not want to risk a more severe sentence from a judge, they may plead guilty to these lesser charges and face some kind of punishment.

Is a Prosecutor Bound by Any Ethical Constraints?

Of course, a prosecutor cannot just do whatever they want to do in a quest to get guilty verdicts. In fact, getting as many guilty verdicts as they can possibly get should not even be their goal at all. Instead, they have an ethical duty to only file charges in cases where they believe they can get a guilty verdict. They are also supposed to look for ways to reform and improve the justice system.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Your lawyer can help you against a prosecutor in a few key ways. First, they can make sure that the prosecution does not overstep and ignore your constitutional rights. Maybe cops found evidence in your car, but it was an illegal traffic stop. Or perhaps you were not read your rights and you made a confession. When the prosecutor tries to use those against you, your lawyer will argue to get them thrown out.

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