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What are the three degrees of misdemeanor assault charges in Iowa?

Individuals who are facing assault charges in Iowa are, in most cases, looking at a misdemeanor. The three degrees of misdemeanor assault charges are as follows:

  • Simple Misdemeanor Assault: Individuals who have been charged with simple misdemeanor assault will face up to 30 days of jail and a potential $105-$855 fine.
  • Serious Misdemeanor Assault: When an individual commits an act of assault that results in serious physical injury or mental illness, this is considered a serious misdemeanor assault charge. Another circumstance that will prompt a serious misdemeanor assault charge is when an assault is committed against a protected employer or is classified as a hate crime. Serious misdemeanor assault charges may result in up to one year in jail and a potential $430-$2560 fine.
  • Aggravated Misdemeanor Assault: If you either intended to cause serious injury to another but did not, committed an act of assault against a protected employee, or your assault is considered a hate crime and causes physical injuries or mental illness in the victim, you may be charged with aggravated misdemeanor assault. Another circumstance that may prompt an aggravated misdemeanor assault charge is exhibiting a deadly weapon in the course of committing assault as long as it can be proven that you did not use or intend to use the weapon. Aggravated misdemeanor assault charges can warrant up to two years of incarceration and a potential $855-$8,540 fine.

What are the potential defenses against assault charges?

There are various avenues of defense regarding assault charges. The defense method that our firm will choose to utilize will primarily depend on the circumstances of the alleged assault.

The most common methods of defense against assault charges are as follows:

  • You were defending another person who was being assaulted.
  • You were defending your property from a threat.
  • You were only acting in self-defense against another person who was trying to harm you.

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