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What Happens if I Get DUI Charges in Another State?

The requirement to drive responsibly does not end at Iowa state lines. If you are caught engaging in bad behavior in another state, it’s still going to count against you in your home state one way or another. One good example of this is DWI or DUI charges. We usually call it an OWI, or operating while intoxicated, here in Iowa, but what other states want to call it won’t really matter. You could be facing serious consequences, and you will probably want to ask a Des Moines OWI lawyer for advice on what to do next.

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Will I Face Criminal DUI Charges in Iowa?

Now, it probably does not surprise you that states talk to each other and report crimes that residents of other states are caught committing within their borders. So Iowa will end up finding out about the DUI charges drivers pick up in Nebraska or Illinois.

Some states actually take this opportunity to charge their resident with an additional DUI, making the potential penalties even harsher. Iowa does not do this though, so you have one less thing to worry about. The only criminal trial will take place in the state where you committed the offense. You may not entirely escape punishments in this state.

Can My Iowa License Be Suspended Due to DUI Charges in Other States?

Yes, if you do not beat your DUI charges in another state you could end up with a suspended license in your home state. This is why your charges need to be taken seriously right away. A conviction in another state will not just ban you from driving in that state. Iowa will get the news of your conviction and treat you as if you committed the violation right here at home.

That means a suspended license. Then you may end up facing jail time or fines in another state. None of this is anyone’s idea of a good time, so you need to look for a lawyer who can help you beat the charges.

How Do I Beat These DUI Charges?

There are a few ways to cast doubt on a prosecutor’s DUI case against you. Your lawyer can:

  • Accuse the cops of having no probable cause for the stop
  • Blame a medical ailment you suffer from for your behavior
  • Question the breathalyzer or field sobriety test results
  • Accuse the cops of not carrying out a field sobriety test correctly

An experienced defense attorney can look at your unique situation and find the best possible defense.

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