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What Are the Penalties for Drug Manufacturing in Iowa?

The penalties for drug manufacturing are often quite harsh. If you are accused of this crime and you do not want to pay a massive fine or sit for years in a jail cell, you need a competent Des Moines drug crime lawyer. An attorney from our firm can help you defend yourself from these charges and create reasonable doubt in the prosecutor’s case.

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When Does the State Charge People With Drug Manufacturing?

The state will generally only charge people with drug manufacturing when they have a high quantity of drugs and the equipment needed to make them. Having a location where they can create the drugs, like a place that can convincingly serve as a meth lab, is another piece of evidence that can help back up serious charges.

Is Drug Manufacturing a Felony?

In many cases, yes. Charges for drug manufacturing are often Class B or Class C felonies, depending on the drug being produced and how much is in the possession of a defendant. For most Schedule IV and V drugs, including many types of prescription medications, manufacturing can be an aggravated misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Getting charged with felony drug manufacturing is quite serious. Penalties can differ based on how much of the drug you have and what kind of drug you are accused of manufacturing. You could end up charged with a Class C felony for having:

  • Up to five grams of meth or amphetamines
  • Up to 10 grams of PCP
  • Up to 10 grams of cocaine base
  • Up to 100 grams of heroin, cocaine, or coca product.

If convicted, you could face up to 10 years in jail and a fine ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. The more drugs you are in possession of, the harsher the punishments can be. A Class B felony can result in 25 to 50 years in prison and a fine of up to one million dollars.

How Can I Defend Myself Against These Charges?

If you are charged with drug manufacturing, you cannot just let the prosecutor set the narrative. You have to show that there is some kind of misunderstanding or that your rights were violated during this investigation. Common strategies for fighting such charges include:

  • Saying that the search was illegal, leading to evidence being thrown out
  • Admitting that you had the substances to make drugs, but not equipment, a place to manufacture them, or any intent to make them
  • Showing that you had permits or licenses needed to legally possess the substances you were found with

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer can look at the circumstances of your case and help you figure out the best defensive strategy. They can also help you if you need to enter a plea deal and negotiate for lesser charges.

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