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What Are The Penalties For a False Accusation of Domestic Violence in Iowa?

If you are facing a domestic violence charge in Iowa, you need to take it seriously even if it is a false accusation. A lie can also hurt your reputation and result in hefty punishments from the state, including fines and jail time. You need to fight back with everything you have, and that is why you should seriously consider hiring a Des Moines domestic violence lawyer from our firm.

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Can Someone Be Punished for Making a False Accusation?

Someone can be punished for making a false accusation in the state of Iowa. Whether or not it will be one of the prosecutor’s priorities can depend on a number of different factors mostly outside of your control. If you show that you have been falsely accused, the accuser might be charged with making a false statement. This is usually a simple misdemeanor.

Can I Sue Someone for Making a False Accusation?

You can try to hold your accuser accountable in another way though, through civil court. It is possible to sue someone for knowingly bringing a false complaint against you. Your accuser knew exactly what they were doing. The state takes domestic violence quite seriously, and you could have ended up in jail or been responsible for paying big fines due to a lie.

In civil court, you can sue them for damages. Your compensation can cover:

Lost wages: You probably missed work while spending time in court due to their false accusation.

Pain and suffering: Being charged with a crime and having to defend yourself is incredibly stressful. The pain and suffering you experienced need to be addressed.

Damage to your reputation: An accusation of domestic violence can harm someone personally and professionally. If your accuser damaged your standing in your career, field, or community, they need to be held accountable.

How Do I Get My Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed?

Before you can pursue a case against your accuser, you need to beat a false accusation in court. The advantage we have is that a prosecutor must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer just needs to show that the state’s case against you is weak and make a jury notice the holes in the prosecution’s logic.

You are not guaranteed to prevail just because the accusation against you is false. This is still going to take a lot of work. Your attorney is going to need to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and help you establish an alibi. You may have to be ready to testify on your own behalf. So talk to an experienced defense attorney now and make sure that you have the time to prepare to fight these charges with everything that you have.

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