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What are the drinking and driving laws in Iowa?

Iowa law’s term for driving under the influence is “Operating While Intoxicated” or OWI. The BAC threshold for the legal blood alcohol content is .02%. It is illegal for drivers under the age of 21 to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any trace of a controlled substance.

What are the administrative punishments for underage OWIs?

When an individual under the age of 21 fails a chemical test, they will have their license revoked by Iowa’s Department of Motor Vehicles after their arrest. Their license will be revoked for 60 to 90 days. If the individual refuses chemical tests as a minor, they will face higher penalties. The Department of Motor Vehicles will revoke underage individuals’ licenses for an entire year or two with a previous revocation.

What are the criminal punishments for underage OWIs?

When an underage driver is charged with an underage OWI, they will face similar punishments as adult offenders. First-time offenders will enter the deferred judgment program. This program typically lasts one year and will result in the court dismissing the charges if successful. If the program is failed to be completed, the individual could be required to serve jail time, be on probation, enroll in a substance abuse program, and pay $1,250 fines.

What underage OWI defenses will my attorney use?

With an attorney in your corner, they may be able to throw out blood or breath test evidence as a defense against your underage OWI. Another defense tactic that your attorney may use is to question if it was legal for police to pull you over in the first place. Your attorney may make a case regarding your age by stating that this circumstance was a single mistake that should not impact your future for years to come. Each of these defense tactics will attempt to have your OWI charges dropped or lessened.

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