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What are the Consequences of an Underage OWI in Iowa?

It is illegal for anyone to operate a vehicle while they are intoxicated in the state of Iowa. This includes those who are not yet the legal drinking age of 21. When a driver is convicted of an underage OWI in Iowa, they can face serious consequences that have the potential to impact them for the rest of their life. It is because of this that those who are charged with an underage OWI should retain the services of an experienced Des Moines OWI lawyer from Herting Law PLLC for assistance. Here are some of the questions you may have about these charges and how our legal team can help you fight them:

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What BAC do I need to be charged with an underage OWI in Iowa?

In the state of Iowa, if an underage driver is found operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of even 0.02%, they can receive an underage OWI charge.

What happens if I’m convicted of an underage OWI?

The consequences that an underage OWI offender faces can vary depending on the nature of the offense. Typically, the individual will be subject to A driver’s license suspension: The state can suspend the driver’s license of an underage OWI offender for 60 to 90 days. That said, if the underage individual is convicted of refusing to take a breathalyzer test, they will most likely have their driver’s license revoked for an entire year (and up to two years for a second offense).

If this is your first OWI offense, you will most likely enter the deferred judgment program. In most cases, this is a year-long program, and as long as you can complete it, the court will most likely dismiss the charges against you. However, if you fail to complete the program, you will most likely face jail time, probation, enrollment in a substance abuse program, and pay a $1,250 fine.

No matter the circumstances of your case, if you are currently facing any OWI-related matter, the most important thing you can do is retain the services of a seasoned attorney who can advocate for your best interests at every turn. We are here to fight for your freedom and your future. Contact Herting Law PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation with our dedicated legal team.

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