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What Are the Best Defenses Against a False Accusation of Child Abuse?

Having a false accusation of child abuse leveled against you can be a stressful and infuriating experience. The penalties for such a conviction can be harsh, but that’s not the only issue. Being labeled a child abuser can affect your personal and professional reputation for life. You absolutely need to find a convincing way to defend yourself from this charge, and a Des Moines domestic violence lawyer from our firm is ready to help you.

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How Can I Respond Against a False Accusation?

When responding to a false accusation, you have to try and keep your cool, avoid alienating a potential jury, and reduce the chances of giving the state more evidence against you. This is why it is rarely recommended that you go after the person making the accusation directly. If you call them or go to see them, you could just end up getting more trouble.

Instead, you have to go after their credibility. Is this someone who should be trusted to make such an intense allegation against you? If you can show that the accuser is lying, mistaken, or has been coached to say certain things, this can heavily damage the prosecution’s case against you. This is especially true if the accuser’s testimony is the primary evidence being relied on.

Speaking of evidence, it’s also a good idea to point out any issues with the investigation and what it found. You can:

  • Look for holes in an investigation
  • Point out inconsistencies in witness testimony
  • Find counter-evidence that hurts the prosecution’s case
  • Present a believable alternative version of events
  • Make a timeline of events from your point of view

How Can I Improve My Own Standing With a Jury?

You can also take steps to improve your own standing and show the jury why this false accusation against you needs to be dismissed. It helps to stay consistent when you tell your version of events. If you have an alibi, say so, and then find someone or something that can back up your story. Sometimes it can help to get character statements on the record from other people who know you and are willing to testify on your behalf.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Against a False Accusation?

A lawyer from our firm can help you focus on the case against you and find the best ways to create reasonable doubt. Whether there is evidence of the accuser lying or you have a clear alibi, your attorney will advocate for you and do everything possible to convince others that there is no way that you could be guilty of child abuse.

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