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What Age Should I Draft an Estate Plan?

Drafting a comprehensive estate plan is one of the most important things you to do to prepare for the future. An estate plan will allow you to find peace of mind knowing your assets are handled the way you wish when you pass. Estate plans can also benefit individuals who are still alive. It is never too early to establish an estate plan. They can benefit individuals of all ages. To learn more about how to prepare for your future by drafting a comprehensive estate plan with the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney, continue reading and reach out to our firm.

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Why draft an estate plan today?

Estate planning can offer the following benefits to individuals of any age:

  • Estate planning eliminates the need for a probate
  • Having an estate plan will reduce your estate taxes
  • It allows you to establish powers of attorney, guardians, and trusts
  • Finally, it protects your beneficiaries by maximizing the payout they will receive when you pass

Powers of attorneys are designed to protect your rights by allowing you to appoint a trusted individual who will act on your behalf, should you become incapacitated. Parents of minors can also utilize an estate plan to appoint guardians for their children if they were to pass. This allows parents to appoint a trusted individual who will care for their children if they become no longer able to care for them or if they were to pass away. This tool is incredibly powerful for parents of minors and is a reason many young adults create an estate plan.

Do I need an estate planning attorney?

It is possible to create an estate plan on your own. However, it is highly recommended to gain the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney who will walk you through the process. It is important to have someone in your corner who holds the necessary legal knowledge to ensure your wishes will be recognized in your estate plan. Drafting a will using an online outline will open you up to a variety of different legal troubles down the road. Avoid these complications by contacting an experienced attorney who will draft your plan by your side to ensure all of your needs are met. Give our firm a call today to learn how we can assist you.

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