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Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are few things more frightening than being charged with a crime. Our Johnson County criminal defense lawyer understands this, which is why our goal is to effectively guide you through every step of the process going forward. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will know that your case is in good hands. Our priority is defending your rights as an American citizen. Contact Herting Law, PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.

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Why Hire a Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer?

As you know, being charged with a crime comes with a wide array of potential ramifications, many of which may affect your life for years down the road upon conviction. That being said, there is no case too large or too complicated for Herting Law to handle. Our seasoned Johnson County criminal defense attorneys have fought a wide array of charges on behalf of our clients in the past, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you as well.

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The attorneys here at Herting Law have dedicated years of their legal careers to helping people in difficult situations, just like yours. Our firm handles various complex criminal matters, including the following:

Long-Term Consequences of Having a Criminal Record in Iowa

As you know, criminal convictions come with several very serious immediate ramifications, including jail time, high fines, license suspensions, and more. However, there are also various long-term consequences that you may have to face if convicted of a crime. This is because you will obtain a criminal record. Some of the long-term consequences you may face for having a criminal record are as follows:

  • It may affect your child custody agreement
  • You may not be able to get certain jobs
  • You may not be able to rent certain properties
  • You may no longer be eligible for certain loans
  • If you are an immigrant or non-citizen, it may warrant your deportation

Our job is to protect you from these long-term consequences in any way we can.

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Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is seldom kind to those who’ve been accused of crimes, though with our knowledgeable legal team on your side, you should feel confident going into the process knowing we have your back. Contact Herting Law, PLLC today to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm.

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