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Is Reckless Driving Considered a Crime in Iowa?

When a driver operates a vehicle, they are required to do so safely and with caution. This ensures that other drivers and passengers on the road are not put in harm’s way. However, if they fail to do so, accidents can happen that cause serious, life-changing injuries to people. There are different types of traffic violations that can cause an accident to happen. A common violation that is seen on the road is reckless driving. If you are currently facing these charges, you must continue reading and reach out to a competent Des Moines criminal defense lawyer from Herting Law PLLC, today.

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What is reckless driving?

In the state of Iowa, reckless driving is defined as a violation performed by a driver that willfully and wantonly disregards the rights and safety of other drivers in a way that endangers people or property. Actions that are considered reckless driving can consist of excessive speeding, unsafe lane changes, weaving in and out of traffic, and more. These violations are taken seriously in Iowa. Law enforcement and courts are strict in handling these situations and imposing consequences upon offenders.

What are the penalties for reckless driving in Iowa?

When a person drives recklessly, they can get pulled over by a law enforcement officer and given a ticket. It is important to understand that a ticket for reckless driving is not the same as receiving a ticket for speeding. Both tickets result in separate consequences that can impact a driver’s record and future. The consequences of a reckless driving violation (a simple misdemeanor) are often more severe than a regular speeding violation. When a driver receives their first reckless driving ticket, they can face the following penalties:

  • Up to 30 days of incarceration
  • A fine ranging between $105 and $855
  • A potential driver’s license suspension
  • Five points added to your driving record

When a driver is caught recklessly driving for a second time, they will generally face even harsher penalties and will also automatically have their driver’s license suspended. Further, you should note that if the act of reckless driving led to the injury or death of another person, you will face Class C felony charges. The penalties for these charges can include:

  • Up to 10 years of incarceration
  • Anywhere between $1,370 and $13,660 in fines
  • Five points added to your driving record
  • A driver’s license suspension

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